This week The Functional Gut Clinic attended Core’s seminar: Exploring The Science of Digestion at Manchester Central Convention Complex. The Event was held as part of the BSG Annual Meeting 2014, and was broken up into three talks lead by leading experts on the digestive system and the conditions that can affect it.

Fantastic Voyage Dr Mark McAlindon discussed the advantages of the current leading camera capsule technology over invasive endoscopy, as well as exciting new developments that may soon lead to remote controllable capsules becoming available; which will dramatically reduce the small risk of missing any existing internal conditions.

Beating that Irritable Bowel Dr Anton Emmanuel discussed how diet, lifestyle and treatment could help overcome the misery of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The Importance of Diet Dr Richard Johnston explained how what we eat and drink could influence the whole gut health as well as somewhat controversially questioning, what is really good for us anyway?

The event was cleverly aimed at both patients and medical professionals, creating an open and equal platform for patients, GPs and specialists to interact.

While all the talks were informative and deliberately optimistic, the question and answer sessions clearly demonstrated a great need for further IBS related education on a national scale. Several consultants bravely admitted that once life-threatening conditions had been eliminated that they actually had no idea what to prescribe for chronic bloating symptoms, which leaves little hope for patients that don’t immediately get referred to a professional gut clinic.

In conclusion this was a greatly enlightening experience, if you would like to attend Core’s next event you can find details on their website: CORE. It is being held on Monday 24th November in London.