The Functional Gut Clinic (FGC) is the UK’s first dedicated, independent Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Physiology service. Our core interest is to use state of the art technology to try and understand how your gut is functioning and to identify what is causing your troublesome symptoms.

The information that we gather helps you and your Doctor identify the exact problem and in turn this helps to develop a targeted therapeutic strategy based on the best available science and evidence. We can also arrange consultations with expert Physicians, Surgeons, Dieticians and Bowel re-training nurses to provide a truly joined up service.

Guarantee of quality

The Functional Gut Clinic is the only UKAS / IQIPS accredited GI Physiology service in the UK (Watch: Exclusive video interview with Philippa Bassett – UKAS) guaranteeing that the service we offer is of the highest standard and constantly improving. We are inspected on an annual basis and all of our clinical staff are fully accredited GI Physiologists or GI Clinical Scientists.

Our Locations

The Functional Gut Clinic now provides services around the UK with our main hub based in the heart of central London’s medical district (CLICK HERE for directions to our London Clinic), our recent expansion means we are now very pleased to be able to offer our specialists services in the following locations:


IBS Testing

Reflux & Motility Testing

Image shows a combined high resolution oseophageal manometry and impedance image in a patient with ‘jackhammer’ oesophgaus.

Incontinence & Constipation Testing

Image shows a high resolution ano-rectal manometry image with a patient performing squeeze and push manoeuvres important in normal function.

How to refer

There is no waiting list for tests at The Functional Gut Clinic, test results are sent within a day or two of completion of the tests and we are always available to discuss the implications of results. To refer a patient to the service please complete the booking form below and return it via email or fax (0207 224 1486).

Patient enquiries

If you would like to know more about the services provided, want to book a consultation with one of our expert Clinicians or book in for a test then email us – or call 0207 486 7777.

Remember we are a patient focussed, physiologist led expert team here to help facilitate your clinical practice and provide an unrivalled, high quality GI Physiology service.

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For more information please call 0207 486 7777

(Mon-Friday 9am-5pm)