It may seem like a weird comparison but I like to think of what we do being analogous to what happens when we want to buy a car. You can find a car that looks perfectly good without any obvious defects but when you take it for a test drive it may be too slow, too fast or just plain old unreliable and unpredictable. The problem is not in how the car looks but how in functions and you can only find that out by testing it. The same thing applies to the human gut.

Most of our patients have had tests to rule out any serious inflammatory or cancerous conditions, which is obviously very important to do. However, many patients still have severe symptoms of nausea, bloating, chest pain, constipation, diarrhoea etc, which have a massive impact on their quality of life. The gut looks fine but it’s not functioning properly and that is what we test at The Functional Gut Clinic in Central London.

We use state of the art technology to assess all aspects of gut function and try to bring together information from a patient’s medical history with their symptoms, physiological profile and behaviour in order to come up with a definitive diagnosis. This then enables their Doctor to prescribe the correct treatment and manage their patient’s condition effectively.

As we are a small and relatively unknown branch of the medical profession it has been important to get information out there to the public about what we do and what we can offer them, which is often hope at first, followed by effective medical care.

These services are complementary to conventional GI diagnostics and add value to the patient and Doctor experience.