Comprehensive review of the latest information on IBS and SIBO

Our agenda will be tailored to cover the newest developments on IBS and SIBO. We will be presenting in-depth topics that include the most recent and relevant information from around the world with leading experts in the field. We have developed a comprehensive program geared toward empowering patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who are dealing with the chronic effects of IBS and SIBO.

Live online questions and answers with expert panel throughout the duration of the event

Whether you are in Europe or sitting in the conference room in Los Angeles, all participants will have the opportunity to send questions to be answered by the expert panel. This interactive Q&A panel will be hosted while speakers are presenting, in addition to the audience Q&A in the agenda.

Experiences from experts around the world: doctors, dieticians and patients

We will be sharing experiences from doctors around the world, but also the experiences of a dietician and the opportunity to hear the voice of an IBS patient.