If you get acid reflux symptoms a lot, it might mean that you are suffering from intolerance of a specific food group rather than a general sensitivity to individual ingredients. You may have already have a long list of foods to avoid for acid reflux and have tried making lifestyle changes, such as not eating too late at night and doing more exercise, but all to no avail.

Although taking steps yourself can be enough to bring about an acid reflux cure, your acid reflux symptoms may require further investigation and a hydrogen breath test may provide complementary information to help provide you with the right answer.

hydrogen breath test is a simple and painless investigation into bloating, indigestion and acid reflux symptoms. This test provides information about your digestion with the view of reaching a permanent acid reflux cure. The test requires you to drink a glass of water usually containing lactulose (a non digestible sugar) but also lactose or fructose can be used. Breath samples are taken before you drink the solution and baseline symptom scores are measured.

Breath samples are blown into the test machine every 15 minutes. The full test takes around two hours. Although you do have to prepare for your hydrogen breath test by fasting 12 hours beforehand and being careful not to take antibiotics or medication in the time frame preceding the test , it is simple painless and stress free.

Importantly it will determine if bacterial fermentation and/or sugar mal-absorption may be contributing to your acid reflux symptoms so that you will get relief from this painful and unpleasant medical condition.

The hydrogen breath test works on a simple principle. Hydrogen gas is produced by intestinal bacteria and by examining your breath samples your doctor or specialist will be able to pinpoint the cause of your bloating, nausea and sometimes acid reflux disease symptoms.

If you are lactose intolerant, for example your body lacks the vital enzymes to break down dairy and milk products. Instead, these pass to the colon where they form gas, and can causes symptoms of acid reflux, bloating, cramping and diarrhoea.

If you are Fructose intolerant, your body is unable to absorb fruit sugars completely leading to fermentation in the gut – the cause of dyspepsia, acid reflux symptoms, a bloated tummy constipation or diarrhoea.

The hydrogen breath tests can also show if there is an abnormal bacteria growth is the small intestine. This is tested by using lactulose a non-digestible sugar which will highlight this condition.

The beauty of the hydrogen breath test is that it is simple, accurate and non-invasive. Once the test results have been analysed in the lab, you should know the if these abnormal processes are contributing to the causes of acid reflux for your specific condition. That way when you make dietary changes you can be sure that you are cutting out the right foods that cause the problems.

Without the hydrogen breath test, you cannot pinpoint the true causes of your digestive problems often leading to a frustrating round of trial and error where you try cutting out certain foods without success. If you suspect your acid reflux symptoms may be being caused by something more than an “unhealthy” diet and lifestyle, see your doctor and arrange to take a hydrogen breath test. That way you can finally look forward to an acid reflux cure that actually works.