Ano-rectal Manometry Testing

Rectal sensation (part of the ano-rectal manometry test)

This test enables us to measure how much volume your rectum can hold and tells us how sensitive the rectum is. To do this a small tube with a small balloon attached to it is passed into your back passage. We then inflate the balloon with air to determine what you can feel and the capacity of your rectum. During the test we also look for the presence of a nerve reflex in your back passage.

Anal Pressure Measurements (part of the ano-rectal manometry test)

This test measures the strength of the muscles in your back passage. To do this, we insert another small tube (only 2mm thick) and ask you either to relax or squeeze the muscles of your back passage. This enables us to tell whether the muscles are functioning correctly.

Image (below)

This is a typical high resolution ano-rectal manometry image showing contraction of the anal sphincter when the patient coughs followed by an involuntary ‘transient anal sphincter relaxation’ which occurs after the cough. It is during these relaxations that incontinence can occur.


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