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Clinical Experts – Anthony Hobson Interview


Dr Anthony Hobson is the Clinical Director of the Functional Gut Clinic and has conducted an impressive body of research in GI physiology. In this short video interview, Anthony shares his thoughts on how IBS research has changed, and the role gut bacteria can play in IBS. Our Knowledge Of IBS ''It was always thought [...]

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3 Foods That Could Cause Bloating


by Kirsten Jackson, BSc RD mBDA Bloating is one of the most common digestive problems and the food is often to blame. Some elements of food are digested in the large bowel (right at the end of your gut) by healthy gut bacteria. This process is known as fermentation and causes gas to be produced. It [...]

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3 Common IBS Myths


by Kirsten Jackson, BSc RD mBDA Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic condition affecting how the digestive system functions. The symptoms of IBS can be stomach pain, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. Unfortuantely, 1 in 10 people suffer with IBS and there is currently no cure. This leads individuals to unknowingly seek out information from incorrect [...]

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Kiwi – is it beneficial for our gut?


by Kirsten Jackson, BSc RD mBDA Constipation sadly affects around 29% of the population (1,2). Whilst there are several causes of constipation, diet is one of the main issues. One area of research that is of particular interest is looking at the use of the kiwi fruit to improve constipation (3). The kiwi fruit originates from [...]

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What is bloating and distension?


For many patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and functional gut disorders, one of the most bothersome symptoms is bloating (1,2), a sensation of increased abdominal pressure. Around 50% of patients with bloating also experience distension, an increase in abdominal girth of up to 10cm. Distension can be particularly intrusive, causing many sufferers to avoid [...]

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Scleroderma Awareness Month. Scleroderma and the gastrointestinal tract


by Sam Treadway MSc, Clinical Scientist Scleroderma is a rare debilitating autoimmune condition that can affect the skin, muscles, internal organs and blood vessels. In many patients, scleroderma is localised, affecting only the skin. In systemic sclerosis, however, internal organs are affected by the disease. One of the major systems affected is the digestive system. With [...]

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Belching. A target for treatment.


by Sam Treadway MSc, Clinical Scientist Belching is a physiological process, defined as the audible expulsion of air from the stomach or oesophagus into the pharynx (1). Although this is a normal bodily function, it can cause embarrassment in social situations, and when belching becomes excessive or is accompanied by other gastrointestinal symptoms, it can be highly [...]

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Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplement


by Kirsten Jackson, BSc RD mBDA Bio-Kult Advanced is a multi-strain probiotic supplement that has now been proven to help those with IBS-D (diarrhoea predominant). In this post, we discuss the latest study produced using BioKult and explain what it may mean for you. The Study A recent study has now proven that Bio-Kult, a probiotic [...]

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Is Belching Just Bad Manners?


by Sam Treadway MSc, Clinical Scientist, The Functional Gut Clinic Belching, or 'burping' is a common feature of daily life and affects some people more than others. Aside from the social connotations – most of us consider belching in public to be poor manners, we generally disregard it and certainly do not think of it as a health [...]

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Understanding Your Burps


Written by Charlotte Pitcher – Trainee Physiologist – FGC Everybody burps. Belching is a normal, biological process, and a gaseous escape from the mouth every now and then happens to everyone. Unfortunately for some, belching can become excessive, even occurring upwards of 10 times in a minute. This can intrude on daily life, causing problems [...]

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