Dr Adam Farmer is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Senior Lecturer at University Hospitals North Midlands NHS Trust. We caught up with him at the recent IBS Awareness Event in Sheffield to find out more about his approach to the treatment of IBS.

At What Stage Do IBS Patients Get Referred To You?

Patients typically have IBS symptoms for many years before they come to see me. These can often be complex symptoms that ultimately will require a personalised treatment plan.

How Has The Treatment Of IBS Changed?

Recently, there has been a growth in research about the microbiome, and an awareness of how gut bacteria can affect IBS symptoms. Treating IBS with medication and enlisting advice from a dietitian can prove useful for some patients.

Can Rifaximin Help?

Rifaximin is an antibiotic that has a number of benefits due to its mechanism of action – it is not generally absorbed beyond the gut. However, there is a problem with access to Rifaximin on the NHS as many Clinical Commissioning Groups will not fund its use.

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