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Consultant/GP Referrals

Your consultant may refer you for a number of gastrointestinal investigations:

  • Breath testing for SIBO, carbohydrate intolerances
  • Oesophageal Manometry Impedance (Oesophageal function testing)
  • 24 hour pH Impedance monitoring (Reflux testing)
  • Anorectal Manometry & endoanal ultrasound (Assessment of back passage function and anatomy)
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Intestinal transit studies
  • Gastric emptying studies
  • Urea Breath Test (H.pylori breath test)
  • IBSchek Blood test
  • Dietetic services

These investigations provide important information that allow your consultant to formulate a treatment plan to help manage your condition.

Your consultant can write a referral letter to us at either our London or Manchester clinic:

Patient’s for hydrogen methane breath testing can either attend either our clinic in London, Manchester or alternatively can perform the test at home via a postal breath test kit. Full instructions on how to perform the home test will be provided and telephone support given. A video showing how we do a breath test can been seen below. 

Results are emailed, faxed or posted to both the referring consultant/GP and the patient.


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Physiology Request Form: LONDON

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Hydrogen Breath Test: Information Sheet

Click to download your Hydrogen Breath Test information sheet; containing any additional information you may need.

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