SmartPill™ – The wireless motility capsule Test

What is the SmartPill™ for?

The SmartPill™ measures the function of your bowel by taking series of measurements such as pH and pressure as the capsule travels through your gastrointestinal tract.

You may be referred for this test if you are having gastrointestinal problems.

How does the SmartPill™ work?

The SmartPill™ works by taking a series of measurements such as pH and pressure as the capsule travels through your gastrointestinal tract over several days. The device captures ‘events’ such as meals, bowel movements and symptomatic episodes such as bloating, nausea or abdominal pain.

You will be asked to eat a test meal before swallowing the wireless motility capsule which is about the same size as a large vitamin capsule with water.

After swallowing the capsule, you will be fitted with  a small recording unit that receives wireless transmissions from the capsule. You will need to wear the data recorder all times for 1 – 5 days. Please do not allow the receiver to get wet.

You will know when the test is over when the capsule has passed naturally with your bowel movement as it stops transmitting to the receiver, a small cross will be displayed. Please call us to arrange a convenient time to return the receiver box to us.

How much does the SmartPill™cost?

If you are paying for this test yourself and not through private medical insurance, the cost will be £1,875.

How do you prepare for a SmartPill™?

There is some preparation required before your arrival at the clinic.  This preparation involves stopping certain medication and fasting. Please see our patient information leaflet for full details.

What does the SmartPill™ diagnose?

The test identifies characteristic changes in various parameters in different sections of your GI tract and measures how strongly or weakly your gut contracts during your test.  This gives a comprehensive picture of how your who gut is functioning.

Following your test, your data will be analysed, and results written up into a report.  The report will be sent to both you and your referring consultant/doctor, who will explain the results to you in a follow-up consultation.

Information leaflet
Information leaflet

Find more information about this test using our PDF download.


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