IBS Roadshow: LONDON

The IBS Roadshow meeting in London was a huge success and we are very pleased to be able to share the presentations from the meeting with you. This includes the keynote lecture from Dr Mark Pimentel who described his impressive body of work showing that many IBS patients actually have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth which can in most cases be treated effectively with the correct dosing regimen of Rifaxamin (this dose is not commonly used in the UK). It was also fascinating to hear about the potential causative role of previous campylobacter infection in pre-disposing patients to SIBO and subsequent gastroenteric infections. All the speakers brought an enormous wealth of interesting and thought provoking information – both from clinical and personal experiences. I hope you enjoy perusing these at your leisure. Filming of the presentations means that once the production team have finished their edit, you will be able to access these talks online. Guest Speaker Presentations

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