Monika Bettney is a Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian and has been working with IBS patients for around 6 years. At the 2nd IBS Network Conference in Sheffield, we found out how she approaches the treatment of IBS.

How has your understanding of what causes IBS evolved?

”Every patient I see furthers my understanding of IBS as each patient has their own story, their own experiences, and their own symptoms. It is also important to understand that each patient presents at a different stage of the IBS condition, and as such requires different advice and treatment”.

What do you think of NICE advice for IBS patients that advocates a Low-FODMAP diet under the supervision of a Dietitian?

”I agree that patients should be under the supervision of a Dietitian, but the fact that there is a 3 to 18 month waiting time to get a dietetic appointment on the NHS, indicates that the guidelines do not seem very reasonable.”

What are your views on following the Low-FODMAP Diet for a long period of time?

”One of the concerns about following the Low-FODMAP diet for a long time is its effect on gut bacteria. Evidence shows that as little as 4 weeks on the diet can change our microbiome. My advice is to follow the diet for an initial period of 4-6 weeks before further assessment.”

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