Rick Miller is a Clinical GI and Sports Dietitian based in Harley Street, London.

He recently gave us an insight into the important role that diet plays in the treatment and management of IBS.

How has dietary advice changed for IBS patients?

I have worked with IBS patients for about 8 years, and even during this time, our understanding has changed. Treatment was focused on medication and minor dietary changes, but the low FODMAP diet has been a real revolution for patients.

How do low FODMAP foods make a difference?

Low FODMAP foods change the microbiome in quite a significant manner, reducing bloating and other symptoms. However, it should not be used long- term. Recent research suggests that we should be using probiotics alongside a low FODMAP diet for the best results.

Do all IBS patients benefit from a low FODMAP diet?

Dietary intervention can fail in IBS if the initial diagnosis is wrong, or if dietary changes are introduced at the wrong time. For symptomatic improvement, the low FODMAP diet is the only proven way forward at this stage, but all dietary treatments should be personalised for each patient.

Learn more about FODMAPS and how herbs can help IBS by watching the full video interview.