As April was IBS awareness month Dr. Hobson was invited to guest star on The Naked Scientists Podcast; ‘Gut Bugs: Intestinal Friends and Foes’.

In this podcast The Naked Scientists explore a top to bottom tour of the intestine. Why we need more dirt in our diet, how to avoid food poisoning and how to treat IBS.

To download or stream the full hour long podcast just click here: The Naked Scientists Podcast; ‘Gut Bugs: Intestinal Friends and Foes’.

Who are ‘The Naked Scientists’?

Based at Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), the Naked Scientists are a team of scientists, doctors and communicators whose passion is to help the general public to understand and engage with the worlds of science, technology and medicine.

Created and launched in 2001 by Chris Smith, the Naked Scientists was one of the first podcasts to exist and is now one of the world’s most popular science shows, achieving over 50 million programme downloads in the last 5 years.

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