Meet The Team

Based in the heart of Marlyebone’s medical district, we have an expert, professional team.


Our team’s aim is to greatly improve the performance, delivery, analytical power and support for diagnostic services for patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders.

We provide tests that help to diagnose the underlying causes of patient’s symptoms and work with our clinical partners to tailor manage strategies to bring resolution to often long-standing and relapsing conditions.

Our team combines laboratory expertise with extensive clinical knowledge, which allows FGD to push the boundaries of research in the field of functional gut disorders.

Dr. Anthony Hobson
Dr. Anthony HobsonConsultant Clinical Scientist & Clinical Director
Meet Anthony
Sam Treadway
Sam TreadwayClinical Gastrointestinal Physiology Scientist
Meet Sam
Andres Vales
Andres ValesClinical Gastro-Intestinal Physiologist
Meet Andres
Rhiannon Tompkins
Rhiannon TompkinsClinical Gastrointestinal Physiology Scientist
Meet Rhiannon
Victoria Aird
Victoria AirdTrainee Physiologist
Meet Victoria
Dr. Adam Farmer
Dr. Adam FarmerConsultant Physician & Gastroenterologist
Meet Adam
Dr. Mark Scott
Dr. Mark ScottDirector of Lower GI Physiology and Author
Meet Mark
Ali Todd
Ali ToddConsultant Dietitian
Meet Ali
Ann Curry
Ann CurryColorectal Specialist
Meet Ann
Clare Molyneaux
Clare MolyneauxChartered Physiotherapist
Meet Clare
Charlotte Pitcher
Charlotte PitcherGas Chromatography Scientist & Trainee Clinical GI Physiologist
Meet Charlotte
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Gas Chromatography Scientist & Trainee Clinical GI Physiologist
Meet Sarah
Jordan Haworth
Jordan HaworthGas Chromatography Scientist & Trainee Clinical GI Physiologist
Meet Jordan
Mylto Ellina
Mylto EllinaTrainee Clinical Gastrointestinal Physiologist
Meet Mylto

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