Ann Curry

Ann Curry

Colorectal Specialist

Ann trained at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, part of Barts Health NHS Trust. She has over 25 years’ experience in colorectal nursing.

She worked as a ward sister and matron at St Mark’s Hospital, London (a specialist bowel hospital and a world-renowned centre of excellence). Here, Ann gained significant experience in the medical and surgical management of a wide range of bowel conditions.

Since 2010, Ann has worked as a clinical nurse specialist at The Royal London Hospital, also part of Barts Health NHS Trust. She is responsible for managing patients with functional-bowel and pelvic-floor disorders.

Ann has expertise in conducting and interpreting diagnostic investigations, and in providing detailed patient assessments in support of clinical decisions. This helps to build individual management plans to help treat patients who have difficulty with their bowel function.


Ann provides advice and information to help patients understand their bowel condition so that, together, they can develop practical coping skills and strategies. She’ll talk to you about the types of problems that come with functional bowel disorder, including constipation or having poor control over your bowel function.

Having taken your detailed bowel history, Ann will review any previous investigations before devising a personalised management plan for you. This will include dietary advice and, if necessary, a medication review. Putting a management plan into practice requires determination, but most people find that, with continued effort and commitment, they can manage their problem more effectively.

Ann will offer advice on lifestyle, as well as exercises to help you empty your bowels more effectively and to strengthen your pelvic floor and/or anal sphincter muscles. Where appropriate, she may use visual biofeedback with high-resolution anal manometry.

Some patients will only require one appointment, while others will benefit from a longer course.

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