Clare Molyneaux

Clare Molyneaux

Chartered Physiotherapist

BSc | Registration number: GC123456

Clare graduated from Liverpool University in 2002. For the past 12 years, she’s had a particular interest in functional bowel and pelvic-floor disorders.

Clare manages the Healthy Bowel Clinic at Wythenshawe Hospital (part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust). There, she works with the colorectal and pelvic-floor team to help patients with incontinence, constipation and defaecatory disorders, and with strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Clare will undertake a thorough assessment to implement an individualised treatment plan to help patients with their bowel or pelvic floor disorder.


When you come to us, Clare will discuss the various functional bowel disorder symptoms such as difficulty opening the bowels or needing to rush to the toilet. Once she’s taken a history of your bowel function, she’ll also consider the results of any previous tests you’ve had done. Then she can formulate a personalised management plan for you. This will help you to understand your bowel condition better, and together we’ll come up with some practical coping strategies for you.

Your plan will include advice about your diet, exercise and medication, as well as your lifestyle. Clare will suggest exercises which should help you with more effective bowel emptying, and with strengthening your pelvic floor or anal sphincter. She may also use visual biofeedback via high-resolution anal manometry.

Some patients will only require one appointment, while others will benefit from a longer course.

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Excellent customer service from entering the building to leaving. Being able to video how to use the equipment was very helpful, we had confidence on how to use it. Well done, don’t change a thing.

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