Electrogastrogram (EGG) tests

Electrogastrogram (EGG) tests

What is an electrogastrography test?

EGG is a non-invasive way to measure gastric function, where electrodes placed on the skin of the abdomen record the electrical activity of the stomach.

How is an electrogastrography test done?

The procedure takes about 45 minutes and requires no special preparation or any anaesthesia. The electrodes are placed on the skin (shaving at the specific electrode points may be required) and are left for 10-15 mins for calibration to take place. Then a 5-minute water load satiety test is performed, where you will drink water until you feel relatively full. Several more traces are recorded of the stomach’s electrical activity over the next 30 minutes. The electrodes are then removed and the test is complete. The traces are analysed and a report sent to the referring doctor.

What does an electrogastrography test show?

EGG can be used to help diagnose disorders of stomach function like gastroparesis where the stomach empties into the small intestine too slowly, which can also contribute to reflux.

How much does an electrogastrography cost?

The EGG test is not currently covered by insurance and the self-pay price is £450. If combined with a gastric emptying study the self-pay price is £1,250.


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Information leaflet
Information leaflet

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