Gastric Alimetryᵀᴹ

Gastric Alimetryᵀᴹ

Non-invasive Assessment of Gastric Function

Clear answers, at last.

While there’s no substitute for clinical experience, having real-time functional clinical data from the stomach can provide a much clearer diagnosis when it comes to chronic gastric issues. The Gastric Alimetry test will give you that data, all carried out by the Functional Gut Clinic.

What is Gastric Alimetry?

Gastric Alimetry – body surface gastric mapping – is a breakthrough non-invasive clinical solution when it comes to investigating functional gastric disorders. Available at our clinics in Manchester, Cambridge and London, the test gives healthcare professionals a more accurate picture of what’s happening in the stomach. This can allow certain causes to be ruled out in favour of others.

Award-winning science.

Gastric Alimetry delivers a brand new set of validated biomarkers of gastric function, taking much of the trial and error out of diagnosing and treating the correct cause of chronic symptoms. Based on multi-award winning innovation and clinical research, the test is FDA-cleared and available for clinical use in the UK, USA and New Zealand.

How does Gastric Alimetry work?

The test records and analyses high-resolution electrical activity that coordinates gastric motility – the same way an ECG works for the heart. It begins with a 30-minute fasted recording, followed by a test meal and a 4 hour post-meal recording. Patients log their symptoms during the test. Throughout the process, patients sit comfortably in a reclined chair, able to read or use a device or laptop. They can even move around for comfort breaks.

How much does Gastric Alimetry cost?

If you are paying for this test yourself and not through private medical insurance, the cost will be £1875.

There are four steps to the test:

  • 1. Hi-Resolution Gastric Mapping
    First, a stretchable electrode array is placed on the skin of the stomach.
  • 2. Real-Time Symptom Tracking
    Patients eat a light meal, after which symptoms are tracked and recorded by patients on the Gastric Alimetry App.
  • 3. Cloud-Based Analysis
    The test data is then sent to the Alimetry Cloud™ and processed using advanced algorithms.
  • 4. Actionable Results

What will the data tell me?

Gastric Alimetry provides accurate clinical data on gastric function. All provide new insight into the mechanisms driving symptoms, defining patient phenotypes and informing the therapy you prescribe. Data insights include:

  • Frequency and stability of gastric electrical rhythms
  • Meal-response profiles
  • Amplitude of gastric contractions
  • Validated symptom graphs

Patient reports at your fingertips.

Following the completion of each test, a report will be sent straight to the Alimetry Cloud™, a secure HIPAA and GDPR-compliant portal. You can then download all your reports on demand, using a personal login from any connected device.

See how Gastric Alimetry works

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