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Our My Healthchecker tests suggest that lorry drivers are amongst the least healthy of all professions. With that in mind, Dr Dawn went to meet three typical truckers. A quick diagnosis of their diets was not good, with truck stop takeaways and chocolate bars dominating the menu.

Dr Dawn convinces our three volunteers to swallow an electronic transmitter pill, allowing us a rare insight into bowel function. It seems that the truckers are causing themselves problems with their high fat, high sugar processed diets. Heartburn, acid refluxflatulence and bloating are all recorded, with Dawn also concerned that the conditions inside our truckers’ guts might be putting them at increased risk of bowel cancer. The advice? Swap the chocolate and processed food for fresh fruit and veg.

The Embarrassing Fat Bodies team would like to thank:

Neurogastroenterology Diagnostic Centre

Alimentary Innervations
DR Anthony Hobson – Consultant Clinical Scientist

Leicester Heavy Haulage