Improving your digestion naturally can help alleviate acid reflux symptoms and sometimes making simple changes can work surprisingly well. Here are 9 tips to help you improve your digestion.

1/ Chew your food properly! Do you remember your mother nagging you to chew more when you were young? Turns out, she was right. Chewing creates saliva, which helps neutralise acids as they enter the mouth and it kills off bacteria before it enters your blood stream. Chewing your food will help prevent acid reflux symptoms.

2/ Take time to eat and even if you are very hungry do not bolt your food. Taking in air (aerophagia) when you eat can lead to dyspepsia symptoms. In addition, eating too quickly does not give your brain time to register that you are full.

Eating too much too quickly is one of the major causes of bloating and acid reflux.

3/ Focus on your food and take time to enjoy it! Don’t just chomp away absent mindedly in front of the TV without noticing what’s on your plate. Do that and you are just asking for acid reflux disease!

4/ Try putting your knife and fork down and taking a break while you are eating your meal. That way it gives your digestion a chance to cope and will help minimise acid reflux symptoms.

5/ It can be hard to enjoy food if you eat alone. If you do have a family or partner at home with you, eat with them. It helps improve your digestion if you take your time with your meal and enjoy it. If your digestion is working effectively, you are less likely to suffer from acid reflux symptoms.

6/ Drink! It is always nice to drink a glass of wine with your meal on occasions but water goes with everything and is free! Drinking water with your meal helps you digest your food and helps stop acid reflux simply by “washing your food down”.

7/ Don’t eat too late. Consuming a big meal late in the evening and going to bed shortly after, is one of the major causes of acid reflux. Try switching to eating your main meal of the day at lunchtime. Alternatively eat smaller meals more frequently.

8/ Don’t lay down after eating. It might be tempting to take 40 winks after Sunday lunch for example but lying down after eating is a no no when it comes to severe acid reflux. If you feel tired after eating, 30 minutes asleep in the chair where your head is in a raised position will be preferable.

9/ Change your diet. Some foods make acid reflux symptoms much worse. We all have our individual triggers but in general, fried, fatty and rich food can cause a problem as well as some natural foodstuffs such as cucumber or onions. Take note of the foods to avoid with acid reflux and keep to it.

It can be hard because often the foods that we enjoy are often the ones that cause a problem.

Acid reflux disease is closely linked to diet and lifestyle so simple changes that help your digestion can be enough to provide a permanent acid reflux cure.